Daniele Bradley, Sales Manager at CSC, would love to speak with you today!  

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or you can reach us toll free at (855) 241-6100  

We specialize in DDA's, payday loans, credit cards, retail accounts, check files, and utilities, both in and out of stat. We have the ability to craft a file to meet your size and budget needs.  Our inventory changes frequently so give us a call to see what we have in stock!


CSC Portfolio Management

From time to time we receive special requests for inventory we may not have immediately in stock. Occasionally, we will branch out to VERIFIED sources to meet the needs of our clients. 

At CSC Portfolio Management, we specialize in providing a wide range of services to buyers of all types and sizes.  Whether you are a large agency, law firm, investor, or a one man shop, we are here not only to cater to your company's individual needs, but to meet and exceed your expectations.

Grow with Confidence

All clients are different.

These differences and backgrounds require different collection methods, accounts, balances, and file sizes.  We specialize in meeting the needs of all of our buyers.

For this reason we do not incorporate a standard minimum purchase amount or file size.